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18th C. Windsor Footstool

Genuine 18th C. Windsor footstools are seldom seen outside museums and well-established Americana collections. They served multiple purposes—as an aid to milking (though those tended to be somewhat more primitive), as seating for children (which may be why there are so few around), and as a way to keep your feet up off cold and drafty floors. This one is particularly well made, with a saucered seat with chamfered edges, muscular turnings with emphatic thicks and thins, and the remains of 19th C. black paint, which probably covered the original red, on the underside of the seat. Tack marks indicate that at one time the seat was upholstered. Pine seat, maple legs and stretchers, probably Connecticut or Rhode Island, ca. 1795-1800. 11¼” H with a 10” seat diameter.