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Correct Set of Wrought Iron
Hearth Skewers

Forged iron skewers in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries were found on almost every hearth, indispensable at mealtimes for pinning meat onto the roasting spit. Why so few early sets have survived is uncertain, but that rarity has prompted a flood of “reproductions,” produced in 20th C. mild steel, not wrought iron, by overseas craftsmen. Probably 80% of all skewer holders on the market today are modern. Perhaps more. These are not. One of the few honest sets I’ve seen in 30 years, the smithing technique is consistent from skewers to holder, the face of which is slightly crested. Probably New England, but these could have been forged anywhere between Maine and Maryland. Late 18th/early 19th C. 9¾”h. The 6 skewers vary between 5¼” and 5⅜” in length. Ex-Skinner collection, ex-David Good.