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 Mid-1800s New England Fishmongers Trades Sign

Exceptional early-to-mid 19th C. fishmonger’s trade sign in the form of an Atlantic salmon. This is one of only a small handful of period trade signs I’ve ever seen incorporating brass—used here for the fins and the hanger rings. The body is extremely heavy gauge copper. Constructed in halves like an weathervanes of the same period, the seams are lead soldered and wide like those on an 1850s A.L. Jewell horse and I suspect the sign was made on commission by a metals shop that may well have also produced weathervanes. There are extremely minor age perforations in the seams and several old repaired bullet strikes. The surface history is complex, composed of verdigris as well as the remains of several coats of paint. Probably made somewhere in coastal New England north of Connecticut. 42” long x 14” high. On a custom stand.