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A Box That Really is for Documents

It’s become an unfortunate habit to refer to small antique wooden boxes as “document” boxes when many if not most are too small in fact to have held documents. This one, I suspect, at 15” long and 6” deep actually deserves the name. It is signed twice in graphite on the underside of the lid, once by what appears to be Laura Jackman and dated 1822 in that same hand, and again by Mary Jane Jackman in a more carefully formed script. They may have been Mother and Daughter. Basswood, square nails, original snipe hinges, original dry red paint, subtle bevel on the edge of the lid. No cracks or splits. It was made with a fine wire catch, that was lost early enough in its life for the leather replacement to have hardened over the years and eroded at one edge. One nail at the lower edge of the back is missing. New England, 1822. Nice to see the real thing.