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​Intricate Sewn and Embroidered 
Table Mat

Intricate 19th C. hexagonal penny rug. Thirty 2-layer appliques surrounding a hexagonal black wool reserve. In the center a 6-pointed raised starflower embroidered in wool yarn. A border of scalloped felt tongues. The sophistication of this rug lies in its subtleties. The stitching on the “pennies” is incredibly fine—averaging 15-16 stitches per inch, all of it by hand because the inner elements are all scalloped. The fabrics weren’t purchased solely for this rug because they range from wool—felted and woven—to broadcloth, to cotton to worsteds of various weights and textures. Mounted width is 31” x 31”. The table mat itself is 26” x 26.” One of the best table mats I’ve ever owned.