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Fascinating Early 20th C. Folk Art Game Board

Clearly home made, it has a playing surface of reverse painted black squares alternating with gold foil squares, each highlighted with small fragments of mother of pearl. Surrounding this are ads for early 20th C. Danbury, CT businesses, hand lettered on coarse brown paper, offering everything from raw coal to hosiery to auto tires and tubes to baked goods. Although most have probably been gone for more than 100 years, I was able to locate the John McCarthy Coal Company, founded in 1911 on Elm St. in Danbury, CT. By 1918 it had moved to Easton, MA, so this board appear to have been made between those years. Black painted frame and a wooden back that was further sealed perhaps 20 years later with a sheet of heavy card stock that still bears a the printed legend “Second Ward—Women,” and a typewritten roll of female voters from the 1930s. Politically incorrect today, but nonetheless a wonderful survival. 25½” x 25”.