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Rare Boston Schoolgirl Needlework

Silk and chenille on silk Boston schoolgirl needlework with watercolor details, possibly the work of “The Boston Limner,” portrait painter John Johnston. This scene depicts Maria, a character from 18th C. novelist Laurence Stern’s 1768 Sentimental Journey. Stern’s work was a popular source for paintings and needlework among schoolgirls at exclusive academies in the early 19th C. Her flute and small spotted dog are both elements in a late 18th C. Angelica Kauffman painting of Maria drawn from the same literary source, illustrated in Mabel Swan’s Plain and Fancy: American Women and Their Needlework, 1700-1850. Bordered by a black gilt and eglomise mat, and in what appears to be the original water gilt frame. This needlework may have been done by a student at Susanna Rowson’s school. 11½” x 13½” SS. 16⅜” x 19” overall.